About me

About me

An 80’s child – just! Born in 89. You can work out how old that makes me!

I’ve been a qualified psychologist since 2010 and have struggled with anxiety on and off, very inconsistently. An area that I have found has helped reduce my anxiety is being creative. Having held jobs which didn’t fully allow me to express my creativity made me feel less satisfied in my career than I had hoped.

Then my life changed dramatically and very quickly! COVID-19 hit the world and I was furloughed. Rather than let this bring me down I decided it was actually my opportunity to use the time to do something different, something that I would find extremely satisfying and rewarding.

Great right? Well for a while I didn’t actually know what that new something would or could be, so I was left feeling fairly confused. I started to think about my passions, of which I have a few; animals, psychology and home design and style. Now I had a list of my passions but what on earth could I do with that?

I decided to focus on interior styling and thought about why I liked it – it’s creative, it’s a way to add order and to organise things but in the most beautiful way. Not only that, I was also well aware of the impacts our home environment can have on our wellbeing and mental health.

Then one day it hit me that I could combine my passion for interior styling with my expertise in wellbeing and personality! I decided to offer thoughts on how others can create the most perfect home environment that satisfies their personal, mental, style and wellness needs. The bonus being that the process would be a creative outlet for me to manage my tendency to feel anxious.

So here I am, a Psychologist sharing interior styling ideas to help people create their own wellness sanctuary at home!

I hope you enjoy my blog and gain some new ideas on how to enhance your wellbeing at home.

Much love