Function versus design

Something I’ve recently realised is that, from my room at my family home, to my uni rooms, to all the homes I’ve rented and now my apartment – I have always put function over design!

As I’ve discussed previously I believe some of these elements of how I’ve styled/organised my home come from my personality and natural tendencies. Putting function over design seems to be one of these for me. Part of my personality is that I love science, analytical thinking and rules. I believe this is because they’re objective and factual which makes me feel at ease as there is a rationale. 

Something having a specific function, makes it undeniably useful – it’s a fact that this ottoman has a function – it can be used to store stuff and can be sat on. Now add that factual functionality with it also being a bargain and vintage and there is just no way I’m not buying it, regardless of whether style-wise it has any place in my home.

This is another example of how my various internal tendencies, habits and desires have been working against each other and are not in harmony. One part of me wants everything to have a function and a reason for being there and the other part of me says screw function, if something makes the space look good that’s enough of a reason for it being there. Unfortunately for a long time the function side has been winning so this is another element that has led to my apartment becoming an inconsistent collection of disparate, yet very functional, items.

I’m not suggesting that now realising this I’m going to go full on design over function but, what it has made me consider is the impact too much function over design has on my wellbeing. Ironically, I gravitate towards functional things to make my life easier! However, creating a purely function based home with no creative flair or common style is doing anything but that. In fact it’s contributing to making me feel stressed and unsettled in my own home.

As I’ve mentioned before, I truly believe everyone’s home should be their own personal sanctuary. Of course, I’m not saying everyone is the same as me, but from my experience if you have focused too much on function at the detriment of style, I believe it is unlikely you would have created this blissful sanctuary. If you’re anything like me, that is also likely to be creating some tension internally for you.

So, like in my last blog, I encourage you to look around your home and if it doesn’t feel cohesive and balanced take a look at the items and pieces you own and consider why you bought them? Was it function only, ignoring style or vice versa. Also select out those items where you got the balance spot on! How can you replicate that balance more often?

In my next post I’ll be talking a bit more about function. So, stay tuned!

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  1. The struggle is real!! I’ve always had a tendency to think anything for pure design is just something that will collect dust & therefore simply add to my housework to do list. But I have frequently looked around my dining room & felt that it’s void of my personality. I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board with that one.

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