My Dissatisfaction!

As mentioned in my first blog post, The GoodHome Report found that your home can account for up to 15% of your happiness. So it’s no wonder that my first apartment has been extremely important to me.

Having been super proud of myself for managing to buy my first home by myself, it’s so disappointing that it’s never felt quite right and I don’t feel proud of how it looks. I wanted to be as proud of how I styled my apartment as I was with buying it.

For a very long time I’ve been interested in interior design but hadn’t actually learnt the rules and hadn’t dedicated the enormous amount of time and energy needed to understand how it all works. Ironically it’s very much linked with my current career in terms of it being a perfect mix of science (following tested rules) and art but I hadn’t realised that until I actually spent time learning the skill.

Instead I spent all my time and energy on searching for “kitchens” or “bedrooms” etc. on Pinterest. The result – a very confused mix of many, many design styles. I’d simply see something that looked good in an image, find something similar in a shop and then plonk it in my apartment and say “there you’re a nice piece so just look good would you”. And of course it never really did. Each piece in themselves would be beautiful but in my confused fusion of pieces they never worked cohesively.

After doing this for a long, long time I finally learnt an important rule – just because an object in itself is beautiful or qwerky or magnificently designed, does not mean it will automatically look good in your space! I’ve learnt this the hard way and now have an apartment full of lovely but completely disjointed and out of place furniture, decor and accessories. From now on I won’t be buying anything without considering if it aligns with my primary style. I’d love it if this post helps others to learn from my mistakes and prevents someone from just collecting a random bunch of things with no real underlying style principle. The only exception to the rule may be if your primary style principle is eclectic; however, I’d avoid that style unless you’re super confident in your styling skills as it’s very easy to get wrong.

My apartment currently is a mish mash of coastal, mid-century modern, farmhouse, bohemian, Scandinavian and industrial styles to name a few! Not only do I have a confusing and unsuccessful combination of styles but I have also confused my colour palette, as before I spent time learning about styling I had no idea what the right or wrong ways to combine colour were. The use of colour is so important to be able to add balance and to make your space work but not everyone knows or aligns with the rules of colour. If you want to know more about colour and get some advice then I’d be more than happy to chat as the rules and guidance are a bit lengthy to go into here.

Now this may all sound slightly trivial but let’s remember the impact our homes have on our happiness and my current confused apartment style definitely affects my wellbeing, especially as a homeworker who spends most of the time in the apartment. The apartment feels disjointed, busy and uncomfortable. All things that then make me feel unsettled, stressed and frustrated.

So fair to say my apartment hasn’t been the calming sanctuary I had hoped for.

So if you don’t think your home brings about feelings of joy or calmness for you, have a look around and think about whether you have consistency in style and colour or whether you also just have a random collection of stuff which isn’t adding a calming sense of cohesion and balance within your home.

And of course, if you fancy some help then let me know.