My obsession – Pinterest! Friend or Foe?

For a long, long time now I have been obsessed with Pinterest! I can spend hours and hours on it just scrolling through various categories of images, saving them to my many, many boards. The main culprit being my “home” board which had just thousands of images saved to it over the many years I’ve had Pinterest.

This strange habit is made even stranger by the fact that I have saved so many images to my home board that it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll ever be able to look at them all again. This as well as the fact that my tastes have changed since the first lot of pictures I saved makes me question whether this habitual scrolling through and saving interior images is a good thing or not. 

In fact I actually accidentally deleted my home board recently and my immediate response was almost despair and that swimming feeling you get in your head when you’re about to cry! Suddenly, and thankfully, it hit me just how mad that reaction was and straight away I stopped caring, literally within a snap second. This is something I’ve been working very hard on – not obsessing over things that I can’t control especially things in the past. I’ve learnt the importance of this from Stephen Covey and his circle of control – definitely look it up and read his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

I decided to view this accident as an opportunity to refresh my interior styling boards but was that just giving me another excuse to spend time on Pinterest? This led me to ask:

Is Pinterest a Friend or Foe to me!?!

The aspects on Pinterest’s side are that I find it almost therapeutic to scroll through images, it’s any easy action which doesn’t take too much brain power. This fact in itself is a huge positive, especially if I’ve had a particularly taxing week working. The calming effect scrolling through Pinterest has on me is usually very welcome.

Another element that I love about Pinterest is just how inspirational it is for me, I absolutely love looking through interior styling images, looking for ideas – in fact Pinterest is probably what inspired me to do this blog and it’s what gave me a strong desire to use my passion to help others with their interior styling.

So there’s no doubt in my mind that having a look on Pinterest increases my creativity. However, I think it also has another cognitive impact for me. It seems to me that scrolling through Pinterest gets my prefrontal cortex buzzing! It helps as a catalyst for some of the key functions of the prefrontal cortex like, expressing my personality and helping me to work through some of the conflicting thoughts in my mind, giving me the right head space to consider my thoughts and ideas and conflicting musings. I’ve experienced clarity of thought around good or bad ideas many a time when on Pinterest and it’s helped me to finally make decisions!

However, I have also experienced some pretty negative outcomes from my time spent staring at Pinterest! One of the biggest ones being the Rabbit Hole affect! Clicking on one image, then another listed as “more like this”, then another and another before I’m so far down the rabbit hole I don’t really know where I started. 

As I’m sure you can gather, the other secondary impact of the rabbit hole affect is just how time consuming this habit can be – without knowing it I can spend well over an hour with no real solid outcome. The following feeling of guilt due to having been extremely unproductive with my time can really get me down!

I think the real issue with the time consuming rabbit hole affect is just that there are too many ideas and great looking images on Pinterest. I’ve realised this very significantly when it comes to interior styling and it’s led to another negative impact of Pinterest. MY APARTMENT IS A COMPLETE MISH MASH! There’ll be more on this in my next post but for now I want to actually offer some advice on how to structure your Pinterest time if you’re as obsessed as I am!

Since learning more about interior styling through online courses, podcasts and other resources, I’ve realised it’s actually totally normal to be drawn to many different styles and so it’s very easy to unintentionally make your home very confused and as a result not feel like a happy, calming sanctuary at all, regardless of your great intentions.

So, what can be done to help with your Pinterest obsession of scrolling through home ideas and with your own personal interior styling in action? Well my advice would be to do some more structured research or even better have a chat with someone like me to work out what your preferred primary style is. This is hugely helpful because it means you can add a specific focus to your Pinterest and you can create more specific boards which will actually help you decorate. It’s OK to use multiple styles if you have a great attraction to more than one but there are key ways to integrate them so again it’s probably useful to have a chat with someone who has done lots of research into styling.

For now though, here are some of the most common interior styles that you can pop into Pinterest to see which stands out to you the most. Try to pick just one, especially if you’re new to styling – if you’re more confident maybe pick your primary and secondary styles and think about how to subtly introduce a few elements or pieces of your secondary style into your primary base style.

As I don’t have any images of my own work yet, and because I am way too scared to infringe copyright on someone else’s image, rather than show you pictures right now I’m just going to list the styles and you can look these up on Pinterest 🙂

A few styles: Farmhouse, Coastal, Glam, Scandinavian, Industrial, Bohemian, Traditional and my favourite, Mid Century Modern!

So, for me I’d say on the balance of things Pinterest is my friend, especially now that I have the knowledge to be more specific and structured in my searches.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I assume you’re able to comment below to let me know if Pinterest is friend or foe to you? (I say I guess as I have no idea how the comment section of my website works – newbie alert!)

Until next time!

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